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City Walls Walk
...the historic walls of Chichester

The historic City of Chichester dates from Roman times. The Roman walls and streets define the shape of the town. They date back to the third century AD. Today the Walls we see are medieval but built on the Roman foundations. They still can be walked after nearly two thousand years.

  The distance around is one and a half miles (2.4 kilometres) and you can take a leisurely stroll around them in less than an hour. Enjoy the splendid scenery and interesting views from these elevated vantage points.
 Chichester City Tours
 Guided tours: Chichester City and City Walls 01243 775888

Town plan by John Speed, 1610.   Click on the viewpoints to the see the pictures.
This map of Chichester is based on the town plan by
John Speed, 1610.
Lettered reference key:
A S. Martynes
B The Pallant [All Saints Church]
C Pallant street [North Pallant]
D Blackfryers
E S. Andrews
F S. Maryes Hospi.
G Grayfryers
H The [Bishop's] Pallace
I S. Peters [the Less]
K Paradice
L East lane [now Chapel Street]
M Cranelane
N West lane [now Tower Street]
O St. Toolies [St. Olave's]
P S. Richards min[ster-Cathedral]
Q Our Ladyes chap.
R East Gate
S S. Pancras
T S. Bartholme[w]
V Squirty Bridg.
W South Gate
X North Gate
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