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... some comments we have received
  Feedback: As part of our aim to provide a useful service we would welcome your views on aspects of this website. Please email.
"I don't think I have ever seen such an informative and helpful website which describes a city such as Chichester. I now live in Brisbane, Australia and Chichester is my home town, which I left at aged 27. Your website serves as a little shot in the arm which greatly suppresses my homesickness. Thanks so much and I'll be home again one day." - SH (Australia).

"We would like to thank you for your help over the last two years and say that Chichester Web was more successful than any other form of advertising." - KS, B&B, (Bosham, Chichester).

"At last I have found a great Chichester site. I was born there in 1946. In the last few years I have tried to find more about my birthtown. It is so great to find the map. Will certainly pop by often, even if it is only online." - Vanda (Australia).

"I lived in London from 1998 until 2001 and spent most of my free time in Chichester which quickly became one of my favorite places in the world. I've been back every year since. Your website is very, very good. When I get nostalgic for the city I log on and just browse around remembering all of the good times. You are doing a really excellent job of putting out the good news about Chichester to the world." - BH (Houston, USA).

"Congratulations, your Chichester Web site is indeed a joy to one who has visited your fair city. The history and delightful pictures are a pleasure to behold. It is also most interesting to observe all the updated activity of Chichester. Indeed my thanks!" - CK (Naples, Florida, USA).

"Today I found your website and must congratulate you on producing such an interesting and informative site. The photographs are lovely, and I shall certainly be 'exploring' more of the area soon." - YW.

"A wonderful site. I'm writing to congratulate you on, and thank you for, such a fantastic website. It is quick to load, easy to use, good to look at, well written and incredibly informative. If only all websites were like this!" - JL.

"Your website is absolutely brilliant. I was thoroughly fascinated. I never considered Chichester to be a very important place before. I thought it was a dingy, dark, smelly little village but your website has proved me wrong!" - A very happy customer.

"The information proved invaluable, especially the maps and calendar of events. I had no idea Chichester and the surrounding area was so beautiful." - JN (Essex).

"Congratulations on your superbly presented photographic album - well done." - DG (Sussex).

"Thanks for the website. It really is the best one I have come across!"- MH.

"Thank you for the information. Please keep up the good work. Best wishes." - Mick Shone - Mayor.

"I have just visited your website for the first time. It really is quite superb - many congratulations. " - RB.

"What a great website! We are thinking of moving from London and it's incredibly helpful." - LH.

"Thank you for all the great info. We love Chichester and its surrounding villages. Thanks for the great property info, and very useful maps."
- CB (Pulborough).

"I am enjoying your site greatly. Our family is thinking of relocating to your community this year and we have found so much info. We have made your site one of our favorites." - PM (Castlegar, BC, Canada).

"Thanks for the quick reply, it is good to know that feedback actually works on Chichesterweb. Overall an excellent web site which does you great credit." - AD.

"Loved the website, have saved it to my favourites. The design is simple yet very effective, with ease of use and manoeuvrability. I was born in Chichester and this year I hope to return for a visit after 34 years. Your website has brought back some lovely memories, and I cannot wait to visit the City. Keep up the good work." - DL.

"A terrific job well done! I like the visual impact of the strong colours and vibrancy of the pictures! I think the category listings are excellent and, in conjunction with the What's On calendar, make it very easy for visitors to see at a glance what is on offer in the city. " - MS (Chichester).

"I would just like to say that I think the website is absolutely superb. It has been invaluable in helping to gain an understanding of what it would actually be like to live there, not just visit for a day or so." - TS (Surrey).

"We have found the ChichesterWeb has consistently provided us with visitors. It comes up on the first page in a search and has paid for itself many times over." - HB (Chichester Guest House).

"ChichesterWeb is an excellent resource for all sorts of activities and I appreciate the work involved in running such an enterprise!" - TT.

"I am writing a web-oriented travel guide for American visitors to Britain, and am delighted to have found your excellent site. Chichester was my home for 30 years." - RW (Texas, USA).

"I have recently discovered your website, and it is outstanding. It is difficult to find a good Chichester website. Your site has all the information anyone could want!" - MI.

"I found your very nice website Chichesterweb, very informative." - AH (Netherlands).

"What you do for Chichester is brilliant. Keep up the good work." - Neil Lawson Baker (Chichester - City of Culture, Chichester Art Trust).

"I have just been searching the web for a place to spend a long weekend and discovered the ChichesterWeb site. Could you please send me a copy of the visitors' guide." - L (West Midlands).

"I enjoyed a visit to your informative and well constructed site this evening. Well done!" - AH (Surrey).

"You must have worked like hell on those Goodwood days. The site is excellent, with lots of photographs. Rolls-Royce is good, too." - KB.

"I met a lady from Chichester online and I thought I would learn about her 'hometown'. Beautiful. Enjoyed the visit." - LS ( N Carolina, USA).

"Had a good look around your site today. I'm very impressed. It's colourful, fully featured and has lots of contents." - CF (Hants).

"Great set of photographs. Keep up the excellent work with the Chichester Web." - Richard Plowman - Mayor.

"I would like to congratulate you and say thank you for a great web site resource for Chichester. My family and I are in the process of moving to Chichester and I have found it a very helpful site." - DF (Billingshurst).

  "Chichester Web is indeed a great site and information resource. We, too, are thinking of relocating to the area and your website is a constant source of inspiration." - CE (London).

"Thank you for including us on Chichester Web. It has been very helpful and we have been getting a lot of visitors as a result." - DF.

"I have really enjoyed looking through your website. Chichester is beautiful, and has a lot of history. I would love to work and live within this environment." - CG.

"I am writing from Australia having been recommended by a friend who lives in England to contact your web site. I certainly enjoyed looking at the images of your town/city." - RK.

"I was searching for more information about your beautiful town and came across your website. I have to say over the last couple of years I have been on many, as I am looking for somewhere to semi retire to, BUT I have never seen one that is so informative and wonderfully put together. The photographs are stunning and it has everything there that anyone would want to know about Chichester. Many thanks for an enjoyable browse and many more I might add, will keep me going until I visit next." - JV (London).

"Our B&B has now closed. Your site provided us with many leads and we were very pleased to recommend it. Thankyou for your support and professional expertise in our years of need!" - LJ, B&B, (Chichester).

"Just wanted to say what a fantastic website. There are many larger towns and cities that have nothing like this, shame on them. Our bookclub is coming to Chichester shortly for a weekend break; your site has been extremely helpful and informative. Now just can't wait to see the city in person!" - Helen (London).

"Wonderful site! I've never been to Chichester (nor, indeed, Britain at all), but found your website very enjoyable. The site is easy to navigate, comprehensive and the panoramas are particularly nice - I feel as if I am on the street, taking it all in. Maybe one day... " - LP (Pinesville, Louisiana).

"I did just want to thank you so much for the great job that your ChichesterWeb site does in advertising our Bed and Breakfast. It is proving most successful, and our clients have said how helpful and easy it was to use in making their selection." - PB (Bosham, Chichester).

"I just wanted to say how wonderful the Chichester website is. So much information and so easy to use. My husband and I are coming to Chichester for a weekend and are thoroughly looking forward to seeing the sights." - RC (Poole).

"Your website gets better every time I look at it. You are doing an amazing job of introducing Chichester to newcomers as well as giving us residents a wealth of useful and interesting information." - JS (Chichester).

"I am planning to visit the Chichester area. I have checked ChichesterWeb and offer congratulations on a very good and easy to use site." - SJ (Cambridgeshire).

"Just a quick note to say how very impressed we are with ChichesterWeb as an advertising medium for Richmond House Bed and Breakfast. We only started advertising with you a month ago, and are already getting 13% of all new visits to our website from ChichesterWeb. Before we had the link from ChichesterWeb, the majority of our referrals came from the TripAdvisor website, which now represents 8% of our new visitors.
I would say that ChichesterWeb is an excellent means of advertising Chichester based businesses - particularly because you rank so highly in Google searches for anything 'Chichester'. The 'list' format you offer is clear and straightforward, and enables visitors to explore the different service providers quickly and easily.
Thanks again - we will certainly be extending our advertising with you in the future!" - HA (Richmond House, Chichester).

"Huge thanks again - 14% of our site visitors come from ChichesterWeb and we're delighted to extend our advertising with you for another year." - HA (Richmond House, Chichester).

"ChichesterWeb seems a popular site for enquiries and our slot is appreciated. Been a hectic year - loads of people which is very gratifying if not exhausting!" - JI (B&B, Church Gate, Itchenor).

"Just had a quick browse and my, there seems a lot going on! This site is very good and I love the wonderful photographs!" - MW (Romford).

"Thank you for seven good years of advertising. My husband and I have now decided to retire. Many thanks for your kind help." - EP (B&B, Walberton).

"Congratulations to ChichesterWeb as you celebrate 15 years of promoting Chichester. This site is always a joy to ‘surf’ - so much relevant information and wonderful scenic photographs. Thank you and well done for maintaining and continually updating this guide." - MW (Romford).

"Many congratulations to Chichesterweb celebrating 15 years. A wonderfully informative site that is easy to use, tells you everything you could possibly need to know about Chichester and is always kept meticulously up to date. I have always recommended it to anyone who asks me about Chichester." - DB (Bognor Regis).

"Just a note to say how brilliantly you have done the website for the RREC International Weekend next May. It really gives information on everything you could possibly wish to know. Let's hope it is going to be a huge success." - BG (Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Club).

"Had a look at the site, well done. Great news that it will be going live soon." - TM (Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Club).

"Fantastic website. Well done." - RH (Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Club).

"Congratulations on a job well done." - TY (Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Club).

"Wow, top of the Google list! Well done Ian." - TM (Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Club).

"Thanks for your help over the last 15 years." - TB (Chichester Country Music Club).

"You do a super job with ChichesterWeb and I hope you will continue to do so in the future." - JS (Chichester Singers).

"Best wishes for the New Year, and thank you for all you are doing for us." - Anne Scicluna (Chichester District Council).

"I was reviewing what to do in Chichester in August and you remain the place to visit for a comprehensive and easy to read list. I don't underestimate all the work you do to produce it!" - JS (Chichester).

"Delighted with the webpage. Thank you so much for doing it so quickly, it looks great. Many thanks." - BR (Chichester).

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