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The City of Chichester
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When William Camden described the City of Chichester in his pioneer history of Britain in the 16th century he wrote: 'The city hath four gates, opening to the four quarters of the world'. Camden had thus already established it as a centre. The old gates have now gone but much of the Roman wall remains.

  Chichester Roofscape
Assembly Room
The Council House,
North Street.
The four main streets stretch out like a compass following the Roman and medieval plan and, although small in scale, Chichester radiates great stature. The old city packed itself between the walls yet there are unusually fine areas of park and gardens. It is not a place that gives up its secrets easily, but the person who is prepared to walk for a day will find it a deeply rewarding experience. Behind the main streets you become aware of the antiquity that modern facades have in many cases disguised.   That Chichester is a Georgian city is soon obvious; to find its medieval aspect it is necessary to search more diligently. On a fine day you will discover the colour of Tudor and Georgian brickwork, mellow tiling and grey flints. Dr Thomas Sharp has commented: '...outside the special places like Oxford, Cambridge and Bath (which in any case are much bigger), the city has few rivals, and certainly none among the smaller towns'.

South Street, Chichester
South Street

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